About Us

Authentic Singles Dating is an alliance of coaches, sexual educators, and Authentic Relating facilitators with a common mission: teaching men and women how to have more love, more fun, more passion and better sex in their lives.  We design our courses with a maximum student/teacher ratio of 10 to 1, with most of our courses having two male leads and two female leads.  Come to one of our Free Introductions if you want to meet some of these people!

Marco Beneteau

I am an author, sexual educator, retired internet entrepreneur, and Circling leader. I wrote the Circling and Authentic Relating Practice Guide, one of the leading resources on the practice of Circling, and a love and sex manual for men entitled As Lovers Do: Sexual and Romantic Partnership as a Path of Transformation. I have spent 40 years exploring human development, emotional communication and the psychology of love (that story told here), and 10 years studying, practicing, and (in some cases) receiving personal mentoring from some of the 20th century’s most brilliant man/woman and sexual teachers (that story told here). Practicing and living Authentic Relating and Circling is my life’s work. I have been leading groups for the last 3 years, with a particular focus on men’s work, which I am very passionate about.

For more of my writings and podcasts, see the Authentic Singles Dating blog and our Podcasts page.

Rebekah Beneteau

I am Rebekah Beneteau and I am here on this planet to embody Bliss and help others do the same….

Read more about me on my website.

Maya Shanedling

Coming soon…

Shelby Robbins

I am a coach, facilitator, and entrepreneur in Boulder, Colorado. For the last five years I have been leading transformative workshops and programs where I guide adults to their edges. I specialize in, and am a passionate student of adult development. I support my clients in discovering a clear relationship to themselves and thus the world around them.

My background is in psychology and Authentic Relating. I am a retired bodyworker and energetic practitioner, and what I most enjoy is “weaving in presence” and allowing for magic. I trust sweet, pained paradox, slow bodywork, brisk walks, bone-rattling fear, mysticism, annihilating doses of humility and continual self-forgiveness. I am committed to curiosity and supporting you in growing up into your freedom.

Contact me from my website.

Leviticus Chettle

I am a Certified Level 1 Relationship Coach with the Relationship School in Boulder, CO. I work with clients to build safe resilient relationships in order to strengthen their ability to pursue a deeply meaningful life purpose. My primary goal is to help clients learn to fully be themselves while getting the connection they seek.

Challenge and a deep trust in the client’s process are the cornerstones of my coaching practice. I have a background as a Veteran Army Ranger, Buddhist practitioner, yoga & meditation instructor, & outdoorsman.

Find out more about me at www.lovenerd.us or on my facebook page.