Authentic Dating Introduction Circles — What Are They?

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Do you imagine that on a date you need to hide the real you, or pretend to be something different than who you are? And do you feel like the people you are meeting are also being real?

Authentic Dating happens when people show up as who they truly are. It’s essential to meeting a partner that will really work for you.

Please join us on our next Authentic Dating & Sexual Communication Circle. We will be using the skills of Circling together as well as sharing information about how to convey your desires, and have more fun and success with dating. This is an opportunity to meet seekers like yourself, interested in deeper conversations about love, romance and the relationships to Self and others.

Engage in conversations about what you want and need in intimate relationships and how you yourself show up for other people, and gain skills that may change the way that you engage the opposite sex.

To register for an Authentic Dating Circle, simply select the appropriate session below and then go through the cart checkout process.

Coming up soon is an online  course that will give you the skills and strategies to navigate the world of online and in-person dating with more ease, pleasure and ultimately success. You can register for one of our life-changing Authentic Dating & Relationship courses directly below, or read-up about them here.

Signup to an Authentic Dating Circle below. First-time participants get a free ticket!

To register and get the Zoom webinar link, view any of the sessions below and then checkout. Use coupon FIRSTTIME to get a free session! (Note: free tickets are not available for the VIP Groups)

Update [Sept. 13]: In each of the upcoming 3 Authentic Dating Circles, we cover an important content area:

Come to all 3 sessions, if you like!

Important guidelines for attending an Authentic Dating Circle (please read):

  1. The coupon FIRSTTIME will only work once. So don’t register for a session unless you really think you will be attending (because if you miss a session, you will have to pay for the next one)
  2. Please don’t attend if you can’t fully participate, because we are trying to create a safe / trusted container for everyone in order to support the deep work that is required, in order to powerfully engage with the opposite sex. It doesn’t work if you are walking around or driving (eating on the call is Okay 🙂 ). We DO have a rule “don’t do anything you don’t want to do”, and if you have had a terrible day or are in a very bad mood, come anyway. You might feel better afterwards, as nobody is going to judge you.
  3. For the same reason, we ask that you attend via a desktop computer (typically using an inexpensive webcam) or tablet.  Smartphones are not optimal as you can’t see the whole room, and we require your video to be showing to participate. If you are not sure of your technology, go to this Zoom test room and see if it works.
  4. Please be on-time. We start brief checkins 1 minute after the start of the group, and lock the meeting after 10 minutes.
  5. Our courses are targeted to heterosexual, cis-gendered people; however we believe these are universal skills applicable to all sexual orientations and gender preference, and we will try and accommodate your preferences. But since we sometimes break-out into same-sex rooms, we ask that you choose a gender preference and stick to it during the session.

Upcoming Live Courses

Review the Authentic Dating course design and curriculum here.  Each course has a maximum of 20 women and 20 men.