So — the April / May courses Authentic Dating for Men and Authentic Dating for Women have been scheduled! And the February pilot program is currently enrolling.  But that’s not why I am writing.

I am looking for co-leads, A/R facilitators, and marketing / JV partners

Naturally, I would reach out to my A/R community first, and to the graduates of the first men’s pilot program that ran in January, and was very successful.

Here is the business case.  As you know, Authentic Relating is a game-changer in most every sphere of life, but the need is especially acute in sex and romance.  50 million people have tried online dating in the US alone.  My guess is that the majority of these people will have left disappointed or worse.  You simply can’t hope to be successful in relationship (any relationship, and not just sexual relationships) without a strong foundation in empathy and emotional communication.  The problem is compounded by men and women’s internalized oppression under patriarchy, the shame and guilt surrounding most anything sex-related.  “Sex is dirty — save it for someone you love” — Esther Perel.  Most people are entirely clueless here.

I want to create and run this business in we-space (aka collaboration)…

… and as such I am looking for developmental partners (as I need help in this area as well), and co-leads/teaching assistants in the event that this would take-off. If you are already trained in Circling and A/R, you could also run your own courses.  I am not planning on holding on tightly to the brand (at least, not very tightly).  I see my job more on the marketing side, feeding you clients for your own courses.

So here is the request: if this is a conversation you want to engage (either as a student / developmental partner, or a potential co-lead / JV partner), book yourself an appointment on my calendar. The alternative is to enroll in the February pilot course, which starts Tuesday Feb. 19, 7:30-9:30pm EST and goes for 3 weeks. And if you are interested in the March course for men but can’t afford it, also let me know as I want to make these courses accessible.

What kind of content or curriculum is involved?

I will be teaching my own content in the men’s course, which is an integration of Victor Baranco / Nicole Daedone, David Deida, Mark Manson, Dieter Duhm. the Authentic Man Program and others (the women’s course is inspired by Alison Armstrong as well, and is taught by my associates).  I will be adding unpublished content that I have learned in my own online dating experiments, very important things such as doing all first dates via video chat.  There is a very good summary of these ideas in my article, Online Dating and the Man/Woman Game: My Story, which is also available as a Podcast. It’s really a pretty good read (or listen), which you will likely enjoy if you have ever online dated.

This being said, what is happening in the courses is fundamentally Topical Circling around sexuality.  Meaning that all conversations are going to be (ideally) held within a Circling, or A/R container.  As such I don’t need you to agree with any of my man/woman ideas here.  The most important skill that you would be bringing, as either a student or co-lead, is an understanding of A/R and vulnerable leadership.

Next step for you?

Book yourself an appointment on my Calendar, and let’s take it from there.