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All our event times are quoted in US EST/EDT (New York time). Use this clock showing the current New York time to calculate the difference between your time zone:

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Zoom link for the Introductions to Authentic Dating

The Zoom link for the introduction session will be revealed here, after you register for an introduction and login. Your first introduction is always free, just use coupon FIRSTTIME on checkout.

How does Zoom work?

You can use Zoom from a webcam-equipped computer (preferred) or from your phone (less optimal).  If you have never used Zoom before, come on this Zoom test room prior to the meeting and check your settings.

If your audio is not sending, hover over the lower-left of the Zoom app where it says “Audio settings” and choose your microphone.  Note that when you enter the room you will be muted by default. You can mute or unmute your audio or video by clicking the “Mute” buttons on lower-left of your Zoom app.  On a phone, you mute by swiping right.