New course “Surviving Infidelity” by Gina Brezini

Some exciting news: my friend and colleague Gina Brezini has launched her new course, Surviving Infidelity.  Here is how Gina describes it:

“Infidelity is a traumatic experience. The pain caused by an unfaithful partner is tremendous. It stabs the heart, corrodes the self-esteem, destroys trust and ruins the relationship. It’s the broken promises that trigger hurt. Infidelity is the betrayal of agreements, vows and expectations for monogamous union, solid connection and values consistent with integrity.

What would it take to heal all this? What if you could restore trust, renew your confidence and rebuild your life?”

As a special bonus, enter coupon code “SPECIAL” at checkout to get 50% off!

I am interviewed on “Authentic Dating” with Martin Ucik, author of the classic book “Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men”

Watch this interview on The Wisdom Factory with me, Martin Ucik author of the classic Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men, with the lovely Heidi Hornlein holding the space!

In addition to presenting the case for Authentic Dating, I learned a lot from Martin and Heidi about “Transcendental purpose”.  This is where love-partners come together from a common mission of personal and social change, and that this mission both feeds the partnership, and is fed by their love.  It turns out this is becoming a world-wide meme!  Sign me up!  Heidi has done a fabulous job of writing-up the interaction (expand the “time stamps” section) and providing useful resources.  Martin and I also get down-and-dirty about our own dating experiences.

More exciting news coming soon…

Authentic Singles will be re-launching this fall!  And we have some fun and informative free live intros coming up to get us all warmed up.  If you are already intrigued, please read about our new Authentic Dating Course!