It’s happening!  Our first Free Introduction to Authentic Dating is happening this coming Thursday Sept 5, from 7:30-9pm, over Zoom.

As I have already shared to this list, I am especially keen on having experienced Circlers on the initial program, plus partners (co-leads / assistants and marketing partners), as I want to build this business in we-space. The idea here is the application of A/R into sexuality. It’s a market of 50+ million people, which is the number of people who have tried online dating in the US alone, and probably failed. I call it “the billions of lonely, horny, clueless and often angry men and women of the world”. If you want to partner with me, reply to this mail and I will send you a calendar invite link. But regardless please come to Thursday’s group if you can, and show you support.

Finally, remember to check out some of our Articles and Podcasts which expand on our developmental model for man/woman relationships, in 3 areas in particular which are Authentic Relating, Sexual Polarity and Dating Strategy.