Authentic Singles Dating
01 - Steven Fearing on Evolutionary Psychology, Mate Selection Science, and its impact on modern-day men and women

In this inaugural edition of the Authentic Singles Dating podcast, I am interviewing Steven Fearing, author of the “Mating Straight Talk” blog, on his decades of research on evolutionary psychology and mate selection science, and the impact of this research on man/woman dynamics in the 21st century. This has been a most delightful conversation for me, in part because Steven and I are some kind of intellectual soul brothers, not to mention aging horny dudes, and in part because we were able to find large correlations between my work as both a philosopher of love and sex and now a dating coach and trainer, and Steven’s research in evolutionary psychology.

We cover too many topics to summarize in this introduction to the podcast, but I will say we go quite deeply into this paradox of female sexual attraction called the “double bind”, which is that women tend to be attracted to alpha males, or dominance, but they also want their men to be kind and present and generally serve them or take care of them. We also talk quite personally about some of mine and Steven’s mentors that include David Deida, Victor Baranco, Nicole Daedone, Esther Perel and others.