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Authentic Dating 101, Part 1 – Authentic Relating & Dating: How does it work?

This is a 10-minute excerpt from a recent Introduction to Authentic Dating in which we give the over-arching context for Authentic Relating as it applies to dating and sexuality. Marco gets quite vulnerable here (see min. 5:10) about his particular challenges in dating and sexuality.


Authentic Dating 101, Part 2 – Sexual Polarity: How it works and how to use it to increase love and attraction

We share basic concepts of Sexual Polarity from David Deida and others, and provide actionable strategies for men and women to increase love and attraction in their relationships, using these ideas.

Authentic Dating 101, Part 3 – Dating Mindset for creating connection

We share both of our personal experiences around dating, online and on-the-ground, and talk about a healthy mindset for approaching dating, self-esteem issues, negative beliefs and stories, etc.

Authentic Dating 101, Part 4: Dating Strategy for success

This is our 8 step process for achieving success in online dating, based primarily on Marco’s experience of 6 months of dating, on and off.



Marco’s 3-minute introduction to Circling

This was delivered at a prior men’s course.