What is Authentic Relating?

Authentic Relating is an emerging trend in interpersonal effectiveness. It involves being emotionally aware and fully present in every situation that life presents. Authentic Relating skills are used for deep listening, clearing misunderstandings and resolving conflict in elegant and unexpected ways. Authentic Relating is extremely effective in all human relationships, but is especially effective (even essential) in dating and romance.

Authentic Relating forms the foundation for the practice of Circling, which is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Circling is a mindfulness and communication practice. Essentially, it is listening and speaking from the heart, using “I” language to describe truthfully what we experience in each moment. It clears past baggage and improves the quality of connection with others, while opening us up to deep listening of another’s experience. Circling has the capacity to get us into spaces of deep-connection quickly, delivering rapid transformation and the sense of being heard and understood.

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Authentic Relating & Dating: How does it work?

This is a 10-minute excerpt from a recent Introduction to Authentic Dating in which we give the over-arching context for Authentic Relating as it applies to dating and sexuality. Marco gets quite vulnerable here (see min. 5:10) about his particular challenges in dating and sexuality.

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Authentic Relating skills are extremely effective in all relationships, but are particularly important in sexual and romantic partnerships. Learn more in the free course.